I LIKE PHOTO is an agency established in 2010, with offices in Warsaw and London, engaged in creative production of photo shoots and videos, cooperating with the most prominent international brands.

Our services in the field of production range from concept preparation and pricing, through choice of suitable creators, casting and auditioning, location scouting, coordination of photo shoot set, to the entire postproduction process and delivery of final publishing materials on all possible media.

Our goal is to embody creative vision of our clients and to adopt solutions for the production to measure up to the budget, in such a way that the quality of services always meet our high standards, the production itself runs smoothly on every stage and the final effect reaches the uppermost level of esthetics.


2022 – KTR gold „Photography” CAP74024 – Long Stretch, KTR silver „Photography” Mata Tour

2021 – KTR bronze „Photography” Odda magazine

2020 – KTR bronze „Photography” Vogue Polska – Hermes, KTR brown „Photography” Reserved – Twin Room

2019 – KTR silver „Photography” Vogue Polska – Animal Prints

2017 – KTR bronze „Movie” Hexeline – Ciche noce długie dni

2016 – KTR bronze „Photography” Hexeline AW 15, KTR bronze „Movie” Peanuts / Hexeline, KTR silver „Sound/Design” Peanuts / Hexeline


Selected Clients

Antoni Berlin, Avon, British GQ, Buffalo Zine, CCC, DDB Warsaw, Decade New York, Jean Paul Gaultier, Farfetch, Estee Lauder, Garnier, Kemmler Kemmler, Lancóme, Levis, L’Oreal, McDonald’s, Medicine, Mercedes, Net-A-Porter, Paravel, Pepsi, Play, Reebok, Re-Edition, Timex, Triumph, Vogue Italia, Vogue Polska, Valentino, Versus Versace, Wella, Zara, Zalando, Żywiec



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